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Posted On Apr 29, 2019

Contingency Fees: What are they?

After experiencing an injury, a factor which might keep a person from pursuing compensation is thinking that they can’t afford a personal injury lawyer to represent them.

In order to offer representation to all people, irrespective of their financial circumstances, an agreement to contingency fees is very useful. With those kinds of agreements, someone who would not have the ability to afford a lawyer is able to obtain one. Here, the Los Angeles personal injury lawyer of Sun Pacific Law defines what contingency fees involve.

A few personal injury cases may be very time-consuming and need a substantial quantity of work on the part of the attorney who is representing the claimant. Lawyer fees will add up, as well as have the possibility of being very expensive.

For that reason, the majority of personal injury attorneys, such as those at Sun Pacific Law, and potential personal injury case clientele agree to contingency fee payment contracts.

As its title suggests, a contingency fee is contingent upon the result of the case. That means a personal injury attorney is going to be paid a percentage of a claimant’s damages if an adjudicating body (jury or judge) awards that claimant a settlement, as well as the case prevails inside a legal proceeding or respective parties come to a settlement.

Determining Certain Contingency Fee Percentages

The precise amount the lawyer may collect might depend on the case’s outcome, as well as the percent that is agreed to ahead of time. For instance, a lawyer, as well as a claimant might agree to a contingency fee of 33%. If a plaintiff settles for $90,000, the person’s lawyer contingency fee is $30,000.

But a lawyer’s contingency fee percentage might rise if the case goes to trial. It’s just because the lawyer is going to be required to invest more effort and time into the proceedings. In these types of cases, certain percentages might be dictated by the length of the trial or additional proceedings, and the quantity of compensation a claimant receives.

If Damages Aren’t Awarded

Usually, a personal injury lawyer doesn’t recover any fees if the said professional doesn’t win a claimant’s case. But, in specific situations, an attorney may seek recovery for miscellaneous fees that are incurred while getting ready for the case.

Getting in Touch with Sun Pacific Law

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