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Posted On May 13, 2019

Do I Need to Get an IME?

After you’ve been hurt in a collision, the first thing you should do is go to the emergency room or doctor. The physician will assess your injuries and give you a treatment course. It’s vital that you follow your healthcare provider’s orders for the treatment and all ongoing care. The insurance provider will assess your injuries. In some instances, the defense might ask that you go to an independent doctor to review your injuries before they make the decision for payment. Here, the spinal cord injury attorney of Sun Pacific Law explains what an IME is.

Independent Medical Exam: What is it?

An IME (independent medical exam) is an exam by a doctor that’s alleged to be neutral to a certain injury case or insurance claim. An independent medical exam is most typically related to workers’ comp cases yet also may be used in personal injury cases. An independent medical exam physician is supposed to offer an unbiased medical opinion regarding an individual’s condition and prognosis after the injury.

A doctor is only eligible to be an independent medical examiner once certified. The insurance provider will offer a list of doctors to select from or might give you the name of a certain physician. You’ll be asked to make specific movements which will indicate your injury’s condition.

What if the Insurance Provider Asks for an Independent Medical Exam?

The insurance provider might ask you to submit to an independent medical exam. If they ask you for that, you first should talk to your lawyer. An independent medical exam    only is permitted in cases where there’s good cause for the examination and the individual’s condition is in controversy.

The reason for asking for an independent medical exam is to refute an individual’s medical claims. For instance, if you give details about your back injury, the company might not want to offer payment until they verify the injury’s details. An IME request usually means that there’s a dispute of the injuries. It’s something which ought to be assessed and discussed with the lawyer before moving forward with a request.

IME Examinations in Lawsuits Rarely are Unbiased and Objective

The fact is many doctors consistently work with the insurance field in offering opinions which may be predicted in advance- a claimant wasn’t injured, or not badly injured, medical treatment unwarranted and victim is faking all are typical opinions from defense physicians. Some of those physicians make hundreds of thousands of dollars just by helping the people who pay them by offering adverse opinions within a personal injury case.

Call a Knowledgeable Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Be careful when you speak to an insurance adjuster. Remember that all your conversations likely will be recorded. So, don’t casually answer any questions without initially speaking with your lawyer for direction. Call your lawyer before you talk to the insurance provider. Your attorney will advise you on the ideal way to go forward and will assist you in resolving your claim with the best possible outcome.

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