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Posted On Jun 03, 2019

How to Take a Photo for Your Claim

For any person involved in a car or bus accident that is caused by negligence, proof is among the most critical elements. It is important in protecting you from a false report by the responsible person’s insurance provider and provides a clear idea of the claim.

Plus, if pictures are worth a thousand words, they’ll easily become among the most powerful pieces of proof you can have. In order to assist with your claim after a car/bus accident, the bus accident attorney of Sun Pacific Law lists the top 3 things of which you should take a picture.

Scene of the Accident

The scene of an accident may be traumatic for most, yet for the sake of a car/bus accident claim, it might be a powerful tool. The car/bus accident scene shows evidence in regard to several situations which may help you back up all statements.

For example, tire marks on the street might be a sign of the other person speeding and having to slam on their brakes to stop or slow down. In addition, if there are missing traffic obstructions or signals, these also may play a factor in the claim.

Damage to All Cars Involved

The majority of folks just snap a photo of their own car and send it off to the insurance provider for review. But, having an idea of the placement of damage to each car might give an adjuster an idea of how the collision might’ve occurred.

Photos of the damage to the car also can assist an accident reconstructionist in recreating the collision through the use of specialized technology. It may be utilized on your behalf to show that another person was, indeed, at fault for the accident.

Visible Sustained Injuries

One of the defenses that is oftentimes used by the insurance providers is to claim that injuries you sustained are either pre-existing or happened after the crash took place. While health records may be useful in fighting this, you also can take pictures of all noticeable injuries you’ve sustained.

For example, immediately taking a photograph of bruises, broken bones, lacerations and cuts, and other noticeable damage may be used as a part of the claim. It also can aid the doctor’s diagnosis of your injuries.

All those pictures may be proof that our Los Angeles bus accident lawyers use to pursue compensation for people injured in negligence associated accidents. At the Sun Pacific Law, your best interests are our main priority and we’ll work diligently to assist you in recovering compensation for all damages.

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