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Posted On Apr 08, 2019

Sun Pacific Law’s Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Services

There are a multitude of commercial trucks on freeways, and if you’re involved in a collision with one, you might be looking at serious damages and injuries. You’re injured and upset by the accident and might not know what you should do or where you should turn to for help. Our spinal cord injury Lawyer at Sun Pacific Law offers the following things to do immediately after a truck accident.

Contact the Police

It’s important to immediately call the police following a truck accident. They’ll serve many vital functions. The authorities will secure the area, as well as ensure that you and other people are safe from more harm. Then, they’ll interview you, the other motorist, and all witnesses to the accident. You shouldn’t apologize or admit guilt. It’s up to the authorities and other people to determine the cause of the collision. What you say will be used later on to show that you were at fault.

Receive Medical Attention

A few injuries are readily apparent; however, other ones might not be visible until later on. When involved in a collision your adrenaline rises and it’ll keep you from feeling pain. Later on, you might see that you’ve sustained injuries and they may be serious. In other cases, not seeking medical attention may make your condition worse.

It’s always better to receive medical attention as soon after the incident as you can. Inform the medical team or doctor you were in a crash; therefore, it’ll be inside your medical records. Keep all documentation like diagnoses, injury reports, treatments, and all bills related to the care of the injury.

Call a Lawyer

Call an experienced spinal cord injury lawyer as soon after the incident as you can. Your attorney will collect the details regarding the accident and assist in establishing the cause of the collision and the negligent party, in order for you to file a claim.

One important thing that ought to happen after a truck crash is to force the trucking company to keep the documentation associated with the accident and to the particular driver and truck involved. It’s important because you and your lawyer might have to review details which might prove your case.

One other role of your lawyer includes negotiating with the insurance provider. The insurance provider often will attempt to offer a low-ball settlement that isn’t fair. You don’t need to accept a check from the insurance provider. Your lawyer will work to protect all of your rights and get a fair settlement. If a settlement can’t be reached, the matter might have to head to court. Your attorney will get your case ready and represent you in a court of law. Employing a reputable lawyer is the way to go!

If you were hurt in a collision with a truck, call the experienced spinal cord injury lawyers at Sun Pacific Law. We’re your go-to lawyers if you were hit by a big rig and will work diligently to get you the compensation deserved for your injuries.

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