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Posted On May 06, 2019

What’s 3rd-Party Liability in an Auto Accident?

Even if you’re a very careful and safe driver, unfortunately, the same can’t be said of everyone who’s on the streets. If you’ve been involved in a collision and it was the fault of the other motorist, it is possible to hold them responsible by filing a suit. However, they aren’t the only ones who might hold liability.

If you were accidentally hit by a taxi cab, bus, truck, or another type of commercial driver, 3rd-party liability might be involved. What that means is that the service vehicle’s employer that hit you might bear responsibility for the collision and might be held legally responsible for it. If you’ve been in a crash and you think a 3rd-party is liable, you should contact a car accident attorney. Sun Pacific Law will assist you in getting the compensation and justice deserved.

Holding an Employer Accountable

Employees are agents of employers. Plus, as the latter controls the place, time, and manner where the work is performed, they might be accountable for any torts. That’s particularly the case with truck drivers.

Truck collisions often are the result of fatigued truck drivers who aren’t alert enough to witness the movements of smaller cars. The law prescribes the quantity of sleep a truck driver ought to get within a 24-hour time span. Most motorists ignore that requirement. They’re encouraged to do that by trucking companies which push them to meet deadlines.

Also, such companies provide bonus incentives and lingering threat of termination in order to get drivers to follow through with tight schedules. If you were injured by a truck, it might be more the fault of an employer than an employee. That provides you the choice of filing a lawsuit against both the trucking company and the driver.

Some bus and taxi companies permit their drivers to work without insurance. It’s both reckless and illegal. If you happened to have been struck by a person who is uninsured, it is possible to hold the company which employs them responsible.

How a Skilled Personal Injury Lawyer Will Help

Before filing a claim, you ought to employ a personal injury lawyer. The car accident lawyer you call is going to be eager to get your part of the story in the initial consultation. They’ll invite you to remember the circumstances which led to the collision and all that occurred afterwards. It’ll form the foundation of the legal plan against the respondent.

A car accident may turn your whole world upside down. You’ll have to go without wages while recovering. There also will be medical expenses and bills for long-term rehab. Even as you’re healthy enough to go back to work, you might need to decrease your hours or have to take on a lower-paying job.

What a Lawyer Can Do

The negligence of the motorist who injured you is bad enough. Your attorney is going to use a number of investigative and legal tools to figure out if the recklessness and greed of their employer actually had anything to do with the collision.

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